JULIET Soap Flower Bouquet


– Red Soap Roses (12 stalks)
– Russian-style bouquet arrangement

– Approx. 30cm (W) x 40cm (H)

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What are soap flowers?

Soap flowers are crafted entirely from soap components and emit a mild fragrance. Unlike fresh flowers, they are synthetic and designed to last longer.

Available in a diverse range of colours, shapes, and sizes that surpass the variety of fresh flowers, soap flowers are perfect for floral displays, flower gifting for occasions such as birthday, anniversary, congratulation and so on.

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What is the lifespan of soap flowers?

Soap flowers can retain their beauty for up to three(3) years if they are kept away from direct sunlight and moist environments.

It is important to handle them with dry hands and avoid contact with water or alcohol-based products like perfumes, which can damage the soap flower.

How should soap flowers be maintained?

To ensure the longevity of soap flowers, it is crucial to keep them dry and away from moisture. Avoid touching the petals with wet palm as this can cause damage. While it is natural for the colours of soap flowers to fade over time, proper care can significantly extend their decorative life.

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