Brand Story

It all began with our founder, Anna, whose journey was struggle with her mental health due to unhealthy working environment and family pressures 😔😞

The pressure weighed heavy on her, prompting her to make a bold decision—to leave it all behind and pursue her passion in doing arts and floristry. There she found her mental health was improved 😇

As she delved deeper into her passions, Anna found a sense of purpose that soon blossomed into a full-fledged career.

But it wasn’t just Anna’s journey alone. Alongside her stood UT, her boyfriend turned husband and eventual co-founder of SweetLife & Co 👩‍❤️‍👨

That one conversation that shape our brand name

In one conversation when they were thinking of a brand name, UT posed a question to Anna:

“What’s the story do you want to share with the people out there?”

Anna replied [looking back on her bitter experiences]:

“生活要甜美” (Life has to be sweet and beautiful)

From that moment on, SweetLife was more than just a name—it became a reflection of Anna and UT’s shared belief that amidst life’s challenges, there’s always sweetness to be found.

Why do we put “& Co.” in our brand name? 🤔

Co. is the abbreviation for the word “company”.

Generally, people reflect it as business establishment. 

But to us, company means companionship 👫

Anyone in their ups or down, they need companion from loved ones, friends & family. That’s utmost important!

And, flowers can bridge your expression of emotion towards them🌹

Our daily mantra

Life is sweet when surround with blooms and of course, lovely people!

So, if you are that “lovely people”, why not send a bunch of blooms to someone you cared for today? 🥰

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